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Banks accept deposits and provide loans in exchange for interest. They also act as intermediaries for financial transactions and provide customers with many other financial services, such as providing a bank card, known as a plastic card, which has its own card. identification code that is read automatically, and these bank cards are used in e-commerce over the Internet and in ATM banking transactions, and there are two types of bank cards: credit cards, which allow the holder to withdraw money up to an approved credit limit, while

A debit card is known as a bank card, a plastic card, or a check card, and it is a plastic card that is used to pay instead of cash when making a purchase, and it is similar to a credit card, but the money is transferred instantly from the cardholder’s bank account when he makes a transaction, and there are some types that work They store the value in which the payment is made, while most of them work to transmit a message to the cardholder’s bank to withdraw widely used in many countries such as Western Europe.

Debit cards are issued by financial institutions that allow access to account funds and make purchases, and they require the use of a password. Also, it is similar to using cash to pay for things, except that many purchases can be made online. For example: If an individual wants to buy furniture online but does not want to use a credit card because it is a debt, the money available in the debit account will allow the individual to buy online, where the debit card can be used anywhere gold and other cards are accepted.

Types of Debit Cards:

Visa Card

These cards are considered to be one of the most accepted debit cards in the world for all types of e-commerce transactions, and these types are issued by banks linked to the international Visa payment system network, and transactions are made online via a secure payment platform Verified by Visa.

There are several types of Visa debit cards, such as Visa Classic debit card, Visa Gold debit card, Visa Platinum debit card, Visa Signature debit card, and Visa Infinite debit card.


These cards are considered to be one of the most accepted debit cards in the world for all types of e-commerce The most popular types of MasterCard are the World Debit MasterCard, the standard debit card, and the enhanced debit card. The account is accessed through the company’s SecureCode payment platform.

Prepaid Debit Cards

These are reloadable cards offered by prepaid card companies such as MiCash, RushCard, Netspend, and Green Dot.

What are the advantages of debit cards?

There are many types of debit cards that can be used, so it is necessary to know the appropriate type that suits the needs of each user, as it is one of the most used, especially in non-cash transactions. advantages of using a debit card :

  • Easily accessible: Most banks issue a debit card when you open a savings or current account. Easy to use: It can be used in many financial transactions and withdraw money from ATMs.
  • Do not increase debt: Only available cash in the account can be used, making sure it stays within the specified budget.
  • Earn rewards: When using a debit card, you can earn rewards such as cashback when you make a purchase at retail outlets and spread over the Internet.

What are the disadvantages of debit cards?

There are many advantages to using debit cards, but while it is the most widely used tool in many retail and online stores, there are some disadvantages to using debit cards, including the following:

  • Not being able to credit: All financial transactions are limited to the available balance in the account.
  • Charging fees for withdrawals: Many banks offer a free number of ATM withdrawals, and when the number of withdrawals exceeds that, additional fees are charged.

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