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In the journey called life, man passes through many stages, each with its characteristics, disturbances, and clear priorities, and only a sane individual can achieve balance by understanding the nature of each stage so that he does not burden himself with unbearable burdens and does not compromise in achieving psychological peace for him.

In the twenties, everyone allows the individual to learn and make mistakes, because it is a stage of confusion, the first stage in which the individual begins to leave the safe circle and begins to face life alone, begins to choose his field of work and identify his friends and perhaps his heart begins to beat true and meets his first love, helping him to It is the strength of his health and the presence of many opportunities before him, he has time and health.

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In the thirties it’s a little different, the physical strength is still present, but the lack of time and then attempt to prove himself in the professional field have become strongly present on the scene, so the thirties are a period governed by the spirit more, it’s a phase more calm and productive.

As for the forties, it is a very critical stage, in which men and women go through many physical, psychological, and social changes that put them in front of a clear reality … The age passes. Some may think that this means that life after forty is something that a person can give up, but the reality is quite different.

In this article, we discuss some of the changes that occur during the fifth decade of life, and we also offer some tips to help you overcome the burdens of this period, as we mentioned that every period has a somewhat boring nature.

Midlife: less activity for more stability

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The midlife stage is one of the stages in which many notable changes occur in appearance, body, and character, the stage that begins with the ability to work long hours and dreams that reach the sky and take risks without thinking and eat fast to satisfy hunger while working, ends with white hair and recommendations for a healthy diet and some wisdom acquired And perhaps visit an orthopedist for the first time for problems with the bones of the knee or neck.

Nevertheless, maturity at all levels becomes more evident, and professional, financial and social stability is always on the rise, so this stage has some good changes that refine the personality and transform it into a more mature and wiser version.

What does life have in store for you after forty?

On the body level

At this stage, the effects of what you have been following in the last few years of your life appear. The athletic person will get more of the body’s work done effectively than the person who has lived their life with poor health habits.

At this age, certain health problems begin to appear in most people, such as high blood pressure and high levels of harmful fats such as cholesterol due to changes in metabolic processes.

People who smoke or drink alcohol may also develop certain problems, such as cirrhosis of the liver or lung problems that can lead to blood clots.

As for the external shape of the body, it is easy to notice white hair mixed with black hair and some facial wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes.

On the social level

Relationships are an important part of a person’s priorities in midlife. After cutting off relationships in your twenties for anyone who disagrees with you, and after trying to make a difference in your thirties and force them to adopt your opinion, you will find that the forties carry a greater zone of tolerance, understanding, and acceptance.

This manifests itself in the relationship with parents and the attempt to soothe and care for them in various ways, whether psychological or material.

The relationship with children also undergoes some changes, as you become more respectful of their feelings and thoughts and accept that they are different people from you with tendencies and beliefs that may contradict yours.

Relationships with friends become calmer and deeper. While there are endless opportunities to make new friends all the time, working to solidify past relationships is a key benefit at this age.

On the psychological level

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A person may suffer from certain hormonal changes that lead to general mood disorders. For example, the mid-forties for women is considered a critical hormonal period, where the possibility of menopause increases, which leads to a lack of estrogen, which leads to mood swings. We will briefly mention how to overcome most of the problems of the forties. On the other hand, the life experiences that you have acquired have an effective role.

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The person is affected by the problems and crises he has been through and can see the picture more generally and clearly. He is more able to control his emotions and actions.

He can even deal correctly and rationally with the psychological accumulations that have accompanied him throughout his life.

At the professional level

Here, the stage of moving from one field to another is over. It is possible that by reaching the fifth decade of your life, you have reached your main source of income, and you can begin to reap the fruits of this work in financial terms.

Professional stability guarantees you many directions of security and comfort, for example, stability in a basic stable job that guarantees you some adventure in starting an additional project that will bring in more money that will help you live a decent life in old age.

It also helps you to have luxuries and do many things that will improve your mental state, like traveling or owning a better house.

Habits that improve your life after forty

good sleep routine

Sleep is a vital process of human life, in the regulation of which many-body systems and psychological and environmental factors interfere, and sleep health is affected by the physical and psychological state of the person.

Studies recommend that the average adult sleeps 7 to 8 hours a day, if you have neglected the number of hours before, there is no room for that now.

Change your bad habits

Of course, a person has to leave all his bad habits, that’s the ideal picture of the issue, but if we talk realistically, most of the time we continue to practice bad habits until we see clearly their impact on us.

So let me tell you, you will see the reversals of your bad habits in your 40s unless you quit.

More clearly, giving up a simple habit like walking doesn’t affect your bones until then, but by the time you’re forty-seven, you’ll find that your muscles and bones start to hurt, so to avoid reaching that stage, start quitting your harmful habits. Get into good habits to make life harder for yourself after forty…

It is necessary to consult a doctor

They told us earlier that prevention is better than cure, and at this stage, prevention means adhering to a healthy lifestyle as well as discovering, treating, and curing unwanted mysteries.

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Yes, you should see an ophthalmologist and have regular comprehensive blood sugar and fat tests.

Doctors also recommend that women have periodic breast exams and medical tests to measure hormone levels to track any changes and discover the causes.

A balanced and healthy diet

Our bodies in the fifth decade will not endure what they have endured before, as there is no energy for a forty-year-old stomach to digest all the harmful fats in fast food without being damaged.

So, the more balanced the food is with natural ingredients that have been cooked the right way, the healthier the body is able to stay.

Nutritionists recommend that meals contain a high percentage of protein, as it is responsible for building tissue and cells.

Less technology and more people

Nowadays, it is impossible to ignore social media, as it is considered one of the basics of daily life. What is the solution?

Just use social media only when necessary and don’t take any devices into your room. Instead of calling an acquaintance, go for a visit, as this will boost your psychological state.

A little luxury doesn’t hurt

In the thirties, almost all of your time was spent on work, now you can travel to places you have been planning for years, you can take time off work to improve your mental state.

Improve your relationships: life after forty needs a social environment

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Human nature is a social being and relationships are one of the main foundations of human life. Renew your relationship with your husband or wife, speak with confidence, love, and clarity and talk about what is bothering you.

Renew your relationship with your children, because they are probably not children anymore, you have to accept that and treat them with love as independent individuals with their own personality in relation to you.

In the end, life after forty is neither a difficult nor an easy stage, it is a stage that has only a few important changes that you need to understand to live it happily.

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