Photo by Mariana Montrazi from Pexels
Photo by Mariana Montrazi from Pexels

Our losses were not and never will be, on the whole, material losses, but the situation is worsening because it is these painful effects that afflict the mind and feelings, which prompted me to write more about the nature of maintaining the health of the human structure. Composed of reason and emotion, especially in light of the current circumstances that have not only stopped when the spread of epidemics such as the new virus Corona or the economic crises that have engulfed the world, but also the wars and political struggles that have been witnessed by some peoples, which has cost the lives of many people and caused in the souls’ everything that bleeds the heart. Loneliness and rest await the final fate.

However, I would like to remember and remind you of the following quote from the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” which says:

“We are responsible for our own effectiveness for our happiness, but rather for most of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.”

This brings us back to researching and writing about how to preserve our feelings and thoughts without ignoring or even exaggerating them.

Mental and psychological health, and its impact on individuals, old and young

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It is not a requirement that our psychological and mental health be disrupted because we are an essential part of the event, or that we live it, but it is also because we are affected as individuals by everything that happens around us. We are affected by everything that happens around us, whether on the ground or in the virtual world, and what destroys our energy the most is the feeling of helplessness and despair after hearing a piece of the sad news that circulates in detail and quickly throughout the day and hour, and this appears in the way we deal after each difficult situation, such as attacking others, adapting or not adapting to these stressful circumstances that are unavoidable, and try to get comfort and support from family and friends.

Only it is not limited to adults but is related to the deterioration of the health and psychological state of children is closely linked to the suffering of adults around them and parents who have been affected by the current bad conditions, negatively affecting the behavior of these young people and their vulnerability to shocks and weakness of their physical condition, their level of education and their lack of trust in others and establish healthy and healthy relationships with adults.

Emotion or the mind, you can’t choose between them

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Our thoughts, our feelings, are the fabric of our history and our inner being, so; I don’t think it will ever go on vacation to leave us alone and live the planet the way we like and want, but maintaining emotional interaction, self-discipline and controlling reactions is the most important thing we can do for ourselves in order to get past the current problems, which brings us to the next.

Full awareness of how we feel and the conversations of the people around us

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We are all possessed, and no one is excluded, a set of turbulent and painful feelings during crises or just the escape of bad news, which we momentarily hear or watch as painful live clips, in the meantime you need to identify what you are consciously feeling and understand these feelings, so that you can create your safe space and talk to trusted family members or friends, just take the time to express what is going on in your mind and heart.

The ability to express our feelings loudly and clearly outside of our boundaries that we don’t allow anyone to approach is a priority that must be embraced, otherwise, our strength will gradually weaken, preventing us from maintaining our family and professional life, and perhaps ending with our desire to isolate ourselves from the surrounding world, which is the worst in my opinion!

Les blogs sont le secret de la gestion mentale et émotionnelle

But what if the first piece of advice fails! Indeed, this can keep happening, because there are some people who do not like the idea of talking to others, and others who are many, have a large gap between what they really feel and what they show in words and actions so that they seem strong and in control of things in their lives, which is harmful to mental and emotional health, respectively.

In this case; There is no doubt that relying on blogs and writing everything that comes to your mind in your journal from that moment gives you the opportunity to explore your feelings and then process them properly, so; Never hesitate to try it and devote minutes daily.

Not only healthy boundaries with others, but also with ourselves

Reading the news, reading newspapers, browsing social networks are all hard to avoid in our new world, although everyone knows they increase stress and anxiety levels, so setting healthy boundaries with ourselves will certainly create a less stressful atmosphere, dedicating a few minutes to reading Get the latest news and updates rather than all day long as we do, and turning off your phone notifications from news sites here and there allows you to check these events less frequently, which reduces anxiety.

Interacting with current events also requires us to be resilient, and that will only happen by seeking joy and fun, and unlike the headlines that have been made lately about the current phenomena that have hit our planet, there are still plenty of inspiring stories and news. The good things raise our happiness hormones.

Setting healthy boundaries with others too is definitely beneficial. It is our right as people to refuse to talk about this or that topic and to talk about other topics until we want to know. This plays a major role in protecting our inner energies and our mental health.

The list and the reminder, are those bright spots in the middle of the story

  • When I did this… did I feel good?
  • I feel better today… so what contributed to that?
  • What makes me think positively?
  • What choices made me regret?
  • What is making my day harder and how can I reduce it?

That’s the list I mean, the list of questions you need to ask yourself every day and answer them realistically, because if you give up on those questions and their answers, you’re going to suffer from exhaustion, bad moods, and maybe remorse at the end, but if you show the courage to answer them, then remind yourself of the things that make you feel positive and try to do, like creating new habits in your day or going on a picnic, as well as gratitude for the offer of some people’s solutions to end conflicts and to face the disease and triumph, these points despite their simplicity when some, but it will certainly renew our energy and increase our optimism To light up the darkness.

Taking care of yourself, whatever your goal and method, is necessary

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Treat yourself to some candy! Yes, just do it. What we mean by self-care here is doing any activity that serves our mental and emotional health, and giving ourselves candy are examples of short-term self-care that may work for some people, and getting enough sleep without fear or anxiety is one of the things that checks out long-term self-care.

In this sense, try to introduce yourself to a new version of self-care activities that work for you, such as drinking water throughout the day, connecting with friends and loved ones, or meditating and exploring new hobbies, deleting social network accounts and outgoing pages, and groups that bother you and affect you negatively.

Hiding feelings, denying thoughts and beliefs, and not allowing ourselves to experience all this also makes us accused in front of the situation we have reached, and as adults, we are all responsible according to our age and surrounding circumstances, because we affect and are affected, but what I do know is that as societies we deserve happiness in all its forms, we deserve to have a better day Since yesterday, and I do not think that will happen without understanding and expressing what we feel, in a way that achieves our mental and emotional balance and therefore our happiness.

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