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If you want to immigrate to Germany, or if you want to improve your chances of working by being fluent in several languages, including German, or if you want to learn German to develop yourself by learning a new language without incurring a significant financial cost, and without moving from home, you will find here a way to learn German with the best smartphone apps that help you do so.

Before you start:

First of all, you need to take these points into consideration:

  • Find your own good reasons to learn German that will keep you strongly motivated to learn and persevere.
  • When learning German for beginners, you must first learn all the basics of the German language.
  • Make things fun by learning slang, funny words, and strange expressions.
  • Practice daily. If possible, talk to native German speakers. You can do this via some websites and apps that allow you to talk to native speakers of the language you want to learn.
  • To learn German, you need to know that it’s all about mastering the basics. If you’re wondering how to learn German if you’re a complete beginner, we recommend you start with the alphabet. German has 26 letters, just like English, you need to learn to practice your pronunciation well. Because this will greatly help you adjust your tone.

How long does it take to learn German with a smartphone?

There is no specific period of time that guarantees your success in learning the German language, but the most important thing is perseverance and persistence. You won’t wake up one morning and find yourself speaking fluent German, that only happens in the movies.

If you take a step and stick with it daily, you will see results quickly. If you practice daily for at least three to six months, you will probably be able to handle a daily conversation with a friend and do things like walk into a coffee shop and place an order in German. This result only takes effort and daily practice.

Applications that help you learn German

Without any longer, you can use your smartphone to learn German with these applications:

1. Memrise:

Memrise App

This learning application is based on a spaced repetition system, spaced repetition means that the application will present you with the words you learned earlier when you are about to forget, thus gradually transferring the required knowledge into your long-term memory.

Download Memrise :

2. Anki App:

Anki App

A new type of language learning app, this app offers a huge amount of educational resources and algorithms that help you learn, you can make it a secondary app for navigation and discovery, it is very interesting, Try it!

Download Der Anki App:

3. Linguee:

Linguee App

This application has a comprehensive German/English dictionary, which is also available in several other languages, the application allows you to search by words and short phrases, and offers several translation options.

Phrases for examples and external sources are also always provided, giving you an overview of how words are used in different contexts. All dictionary entries also contain pronunciation records.

If you look up a word, the application will display notification after a few days asking you if you remember the translation. This is a good thing to make sure you really remember the words you looked up.

Download Linguee:

4. Duolingo | Editors Choice ♥

This application helps you learn by repeating sentences, training your translation from English to German and vice versa, connecting words and pictures, organizing words to get a useful sentence, and multiple choice.

The application guarantees that you will not get bored through video games, and your right answers to the questions will allow you to quickly move to higher levels, but if you choose wrong answers, you will lose your level, and you may have to start from the beginning, again, in case of success, the application can allow you to get a virtual currency that allows you to purchase new opportunities or participate in other tournaments.

Download Duolingo:

5. FluentU (Paid with 14 days trial):

This is one of the best applications for learning German. It is based on using real German videos and turning them into language learning opportunities. Students can watch videos, music, news, and other media.

The app is based on videos covering many topics such as soccer, TV shows, movies, and commercials, which allows you to learn German in a natural way and understand German culture.

Hovering over any word that appears at the bottom of the screen will automatically stop the video and display the meaning of the word immediately, and the application allows you to add important words you don’t know yet to a list to learn later.

You can enjoy a free version of the app for two weeks, if you want to subscribe to the app permanently, you’ll have to pay a fee, up to about $10 USD per month if you pay a year in advance.

Download FluentU:

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